Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Honey Bees: Going to a New School

The Honey Bees: Going To A New Schoolwritten and illustrated by Paula Giordano, is the first of two Honey Bees books which teaches biblical truths and reminds children to always look for a solution to their problems in God's Word.

In The Honey Bees Going to a New School, NiNi is a little bee who is scared about going to a new school. Her grandma, Oomah, teaches her through Scripture that God will never leave us and will be with us when we are afraid.

What I Like: So many times, children are taught only Bible stories but are not shown how to practically apply God's Word to their lives. This book teaches children to take the principles from those Bible stories (David and Goliath is used in this story) in order to apply them to every day life.

What I Dislike: My four year old questioned why the bees looked like humans. Although I understand where the author/illustrator was coming from, to a young child, the idea of bees looking like tiny humans can be confusing.

I also was confused at times by the writing style. Everything on a page was written in one paragraph. At times, the only separation between a conversation between two characters were the quotation marks. Personally, having a conversation broken up on different lines is easier to read. It was also a bit hard to read since the verb tenses changed between past and present within the same paragraph.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: 4-8 years old

Publisher Info: Xulon Press, 2012; ISBN: 978-1-61996501-0; paperback, 30 pgs., $19.99

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