Monday, January 4, 2016

Love From a Star

Author Katherine Cutchin Gazzetta provides the perfect bedtime story for toddlers and preschoolers with her book Love From a Star.  The story shows a bear with two sidekicks—a floppy bunny and an elusive frog—as they look to the stars at night.  The overall message is simple: Wherever you are, whatever you face, God is there. Just look for His star.

Each two-page spread hosts two lines of text and an accompanying picture.  The text does rhyme, but the rhyme is split between pages. (For example, one page in the spread says, “You see, God put me here/ to watch over you.” The rest of that stanza is found when you turn the page: “ to love you and guide you,/ in all that you do.”)

Gazzetta also does the illustrations, which are, in my opinion, the best part of the book. The watercolor images are charming, whimsical, and fluid. The coloring is bold in hue and yet soft in execution.

Extra note: According to Amazon, the 2013 version of the book comes with a pack of glow-in-the-dark stars. However, I did not receive any stars with the book, so I am uncertain if this is true or not for the 2015 version.

What I Like: The illustrations are a big selling point for me.  Gazzetta does a nice job of wooing the reader with her images. The text is also short enough that the book can hold the attention of preschoolers and toddlers.

What I Dislike: I was a little confused over the idea that God puts stars in place to watch over us, and by the thought that a star could love someone (“Know that your star loves you tonight'").  While it is a heartwarming thought, I don’t see any Scriptural basis for this concept, which, in my mind, gives me pause. However, I am certain with an explanation that the stars are a reminder of God’s love (which I assume is the intention of the writer), then it would be just fine.

Overall Rating: Excellent (if the reader takes into mind what I mentioned about stars)

Age Appeal: None is provided, but the simplicity of the text suggests a younger audience, toddlers through preschool and perhaps up to Kindergarten age

Publisher Info: Sleeping Bear Press, 2015; ISBN: 978-0989206716; Hardcover and Kindle, 32 pgs., $14.99

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Buy the HARDCOVER VERSION at for $14.99 or the KINDLE VERSION for $14.24.

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