Friday, October 9, 2015

Learn and Spell Puzzle Book of Learning

Learn and Spell / Puzzle Book of Learning by Frank N. and Dotsie J., is a workbook designed to teach preschoolers their alphabet and numbers.

The pages of this workbook are bright and colorful. As children are learning the alphabet, they are also being taught a little rhyme about Jesus.

As the children are introduced to a number, because each letter is equated to a number. As the children learn these combinations of letters and numbers ("A is letter number 1"), they are given activities and games which combine the letters and their "partner" numbers.

What I Like: I like that a lot of thought has been put into the designing of this book. Rather than children being taught the traditional "A is for apple," words that children would use in their daily vocabulary are used instead. "A is for and."As children are being taught the alphabet, they will notice that vowels have a shadow behind them in order to teach them that these sounds are different from all of the others.

I also like that where most preschool learning books children are usually taught to count to the numbers 10 or 15, in this book they are taught to count up to 26 because of the number of alphabet in the English language.

What I Dislike: I personally have a hard time equating a letter to a number. All of the games use the letter/number relationship which is somewhat difficult for preschoolers to do, and the games are extremely difficult, in my opinion.

Although I know that a lot of thought and time has gone into the making of this book, I think it is a bit expensive.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: 4-6 years.

Publisher Info: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013; ISBN: 978-1482701753; paperback, 48 pgs., $10.53

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