Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weird & Gross Bible Stuff

Weird & Gross Bible Stuff by Rick Osborne and Quentin Guy is a completely different take on what most people think of when they think of a Bible based book for late elementary through middle school aged boys.

Let's face it. Boys like things that are gross and generally unappealing to most others. Rick Osborne and Quentin Guy have taken the time to go through the Bible to find all of the gross and weird things that would completely interest a boy.

So many times we try to explain to our children that the Bible is relevant to them and where they are in life right now, but this book goes even farther to show boys from 4th grade- 8th grade that the Bible does hold all types of adventures that will hold their interest. As a mom, that is exactly what I want! I want my son (who is almost 4) to look forward to what new weird little tidbit he will learn. The more he reads, the more he will be interested to follow the Bible reference added to give the completed background to each account he is being exposed to.

I read this book with both of my children (girl: 7 and boy: 3.5). I was fascinated with all of the stories, some of which I had forgotten because as we "grow up" we steer away from those accounts to more character building passages. I loved being reminded of stories like Ehud and the "fall" of Jezebel. My daughter found this book to be gross- which is exactly what the title says it will be. My son thought it was cool- total boy!

The book is put together in chapters and puts accounts with similarities together. As you read each subsection within each chapter, Scripture is given to correspond with the weird or gross part that was pulled out (which would make for a great devotional for boys to make their way through the Bible). At the end of each chapter is a two page focus on a Bible hero and something amazing that was done for the glory of God.

What I Like: I love Rick Osborne's writing. This is my second Rick Osborne book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Rick Osborne takes one right to Scripture to show what God's Word says about any subject.

What I Dislike: You definitely have to have a stomach for the gross part of the book.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: Late elementary through middle school aged, 8-14 years old

Publisher Info: Zonderkidz, 2002; ISBN: 0310704847; paperback, 128 pgs., $7.99
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