Monday, July 6, 2015

My Sing Along Bible

Let’s Read! Let’s Sing!

My Sing-Along Bible is the perfect collection of easy-to-understand Bible stories and music for your wiggly, giggly toddler or preschooler! This book and music CD set includes creative retellings of favorite Bible stories. Plus, lively Bible and Scripture songs on the CD (included with the book) will inspire your child to sing and laugh while building a solid faith foundation. Includes 50 favorite Bible stories kids will love to read over and over again, 50 songs (high energy! and some for quiet time too!)―one to go along with each Bible story―plus bonus songs that make memorizing the books of the Bible easy and fun!

What I Like: My Sing - Along Bible, created by Stephen Elkins, is a hardcover book outlined with a short bible story on the top half (Let's Read) of colorfully illustrated pages, followed by the lyrics on the lower half (Let's Sing) of the pages and is in biblical order. Each pairing of bible story and song lyrics are given a themed title making it easier for children to understand what they are learning and singing about and while making it easier for parents to find a particular lesson/song they would like to sing along to. For example, the theme for the story of Creation is titled Who Made Me?

The songs are sung by children and range from hymn-like songs to upbeat songs the children can clap and dance along to. There are fifty songs in total. I believe the vast collection should keep children (and parents) from getting bored with the same song choices. The songs are very short and easy for the children to learn and memorize.

Many years ago when I taught preschool aged bible study at my church, I would have utilized this book and I think preschool Bible School teachers would enjoy this resource.

What I Dislike: While the actual hardcover book is fairly easy to navigate due to being in biblical order and each story titled, the CD unfortunately is not. I used my son's XBox to play the CD and the song tracks are not titled but instead numbered (the track numbers are in numerical order). The songs are in the same order of the book and if you allow the CD to play in order, you shouldn't have trouble, but if you wanted to choose a particular lesson out of order, finding the song that matches is a little difficult.

I can imagine that after playing the CD many times, you will get to know which track is which, but I find it very inconvenient that the tracks are untitled and I have to waste time trying to match the lesson with the track number.

A very minor thing that I didn't like was that the cover of a the My Sing-Along Bible has an illustration of Jonah. If I based this book solely by its cover, I would have never imagined it to be a Bible for children but instead a storybook about Jonah.

I found what I disliked the most was that some of songs do not contain all of the lyrics. The book may only have the lyrics to the chorus as opposed to the entire songs, which is usually quite short. Another minor annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.

Overall Rating: Good.
Age Appeal: 3-6 years, but my 1-year-old likes the songs.

Publisher Info: Tyndale House Publishers, 2015; ISBN: 978-1496405432; FORMAT, 96 pgs., $12.99

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