Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Battle Begins: The Story of Creation

Introducing a brand new series of Action Bible graphic novels featuring vivid new artwork from Sergio Cariello.

Even as God walked through the beauty of His new creation, and breathed life into Adam, His masterpiece ... a warrior-angel gives into his pride—and commits the ultimate betrayal. Witness Adam and Eve falling into Lucifer's trap, as the battle for eternity begins in this brilliantly presented retelling of Creation, the Fall, and God's promise of redemption.

What I Like: The Battle Begins by Caleb Seeling is a more detailed story of creation than I have become accustomed to. It includes what is going on in heaven before and after creation giving an insight into why the serpent tempted Eve and how fallen angels became fallen angels. I really liked that the book included much more than I usually read.

The book is also created a comic or graphic novel as they refer to it so my 8 year old son was immediately drawn to the "superhero" like illustrations and the layouts of the pages.

What I Dislike:  The layout of the graphic novel includes the wording in speech balloons just like traditional comics. I am not a comic book reader and found the dialogue in balloons slightly distracting. I had to make sure I was reading it correctly which took away from just simply enjoying the book. It was a very minor issue for me, but my son had no issues with that whatsoever.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: The recommended age group is 9-12, but I would say 8-14 is more appropriate.

Publisher Info: David C. Cook, 2014; ISBN: 978-0781411424; Paperback, 104 pgs., $12.99

Special Info: Since the story is about creation, the book does include Adam and Eve being nude. The illustrations use shadows, scenery and "headshots" as a way to keep the story clean and appropriate for children.

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