Monday, July 7, 2014

Good Grades Educational Workbook: Shapes and Colors

Good Grades Educational Workbook: Shapes and  Colors (Pre-K) (Monkey Cover; 2012) is a smaller sized workbook designed to teach specifically about shapes and colors. As written on the front cover of this workbook, this workbook is designed to "help prepare children for kindergarten."

The book is put together in two sections- shapes first and then colors. In each section, children are taught to recognize the different shapes and colors, how to write the name of the shape or color, and then given practice in matching using the shapes and colors learned about.

This book is designed for preschoolers. As the mother of a toddler who will begin an at home K3 program in the fall with my son, I think this book is too advanced for him to use at three years old which is the age the workbook makers have suggested as the starting age for using this book. Because 27 pages of the book involve writing out the names of the shapes and colors, children who have not yet learned to write their letters will have a hard time with those pages.

What I Like: I really like how professionally put together this workbook is. The colors are crisp and the pages are clean and simple. I also like the way each "lesson" fits a pattern. The shape or color is introduced, the child is taught how to write the name of the shape or color, there is an activity for the child (finish drawing the shape or circle the items that are "this color"), and then a final activity.

What I Dislike: I find this workbook to be rather expensive. On Amazon it is listed at $2.91, but shipping is $5.61. That is a total of $8.52 for a workbook that is similar to what can be found at the Dollar Store or in the $1 bin at Target.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: 4-6 years old

Publisher Info: The Clever Factory, Inc., 2012; ISBN: 80600866513 ; paperback, 64 pgs., $2.91

Buy it at for $2.91

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