Friday, March 21, 2014

Giveaway: Hey Warrior Kids!

"Everything [in this book] is written and worded exactly how I speak to my children - with excitement, joy, and in normal everyday language." That's what Christian Children's Book Review's Suzette Ladouceur had to say about Hey Warrior Kids! Put on Your Armor! In fact, there are two Hey Warrior Kids! books available, and they each speak biblical truth to kids in a fun, joyful way.

So we're pleased to announce the author of the Warrior Kids books, Virginia Finnie, has agreed to let us give away three of her books to two CCBR readers: Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot!, Hey Warrior Kids! Put on Your Armor!, and Hey Warrior Kids! Put on Your Armor 3D, which comes with 3D glasses.

Here's a bit about the books:

Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot!: "Every child has experienced it. Lying in bed, in the dark and feeling afraid. Is there a monster in the closet or under the bed? What's a kid to do? Beginning with the retelling of the story of David and Goliath, Hey Warrior Kids! Grab Your Slingshot! gives kids the weapons they need to battle the 'giant of fear.' Their slingshot is God's Word (the Bible), and their smooth stones are God's Truth (scripture). God’s Warrior Kids are encouraged to speak out God's Truth to overcome fear.
'Speaking God's Word makes those scary thoughts go away. Use your slingshot and hit that bully with God's Truth! And then, thank God for being with you when you felt afraid.
    And just like David . . .
       You will be the hero . . .
           With God's help . . .
               That won the battle against the giant of fear!'"

Hey Warrior Kids! Put On Your Armor!: "'Are you ready? Are you sure you're ready?' With those little but powerful words, author, Virginia Finnie embarks on the experience of a lifetime: learning about the armor God has given us all to wear to battle every day. No Christian, child nor adult, need live in bondage. Understanding what God has already provided for us is key to living in victory. This engaging text helps children envision the armor as they put it on every day, preparing them for the challenges the world will throw at them. 

"Based on the Armor of God, Ephesians 6:13:18. 

'Guess what?
I have some fantastic, unbelievable, totally awesome, over-the-top,

out-of-this-world news for you!
          What's the news already?
                   Okay, here it is.
                   Are you ready?
                   Are you sure you're ready?
                             The news is.......'"

On April 4, 2014, two winners will be chosen to win. To enter the giveaway, please visit the Hey Warrior Kids! store then come back to this post and leave a comment to tell us which Hey Warrior Kid! product you like best.


Jalynn Patterson said...

I think I like them both so either book would make a great addition to our home.

Anonymous said...

They both look really good -- If I had to choose one --Put on your armor

Missy @ Dot-to-Dot Connections said...

These both look like they would make great additions to our home! If I had to pick one I would choose the Armour one. We have already told our children that God's Word can help them when they are afraid, at night or any time, but I haven't taught them as much about the rest of the armour. Thank you for your review and for hosting this giveaway!

Sally Matheny said...

Both books sound great! If I had to choose, I think my son would love "Hey Warrior Kids! Put on Your Armor!" best. Thanks for offering the giveaway. Some child will certainly be blessed.

Purpleolli said...

We would love Put on Your Armor. It looks like a wonderful book my boys woul enjoy!

Ann : ) said...

All sound good. Would love Put On Your Armor

Debbie Whitcomb said...

"Put on your ARMOR"
What a great way to firm up God's Word into our children's heart. Thank you for writing these books, they look wonderful 😊

Amanda H said...

I love the Slingshot book! Both kids would love it!

zachsmama03 said...

I am happy to have either. I love books that teach my child the principles of God on a level he can understand. It would be such a blessing to my son since our finances are very limited. Thanks so much!

windycindy said...

Hi, These books are a great concept!
The item on their site, that I like the best is "Hey Warrior Kids! Put On Your Armor! 3-D Book!"
Many thanks, Cindi

Tracy S said...

I've been telling my boys to pray when they feel scared. But I love the concept of "grab your slingshot!" I know this will resonate with my boys and give us some knew language to use.

Lorilyn Owen said...

This would be great for our youth group!