Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Children's Bible Hour Seasons of Faith Series

Summer is a time of warm, lazy days, splashing in the pool, and the inevitable car trip.  Books on CD can pass the time for children and parents, after the scenery and "car bag" crafts have lost their appeal. The Children's Bible Hour Seasons of Faith series provides entertaining stories, biblical wisdom, excellent artwork, and a read-long CD. What better way to pass the time?

The books are narrated by "Uncle Charlie" and include a tone to tell listeners when to turn the page. Children will also enjoy listening as they work on Lego sets, crafts, or housecleaning, at home.
The Seasons of Faith books are categorized into seasons. "Spring" books deal with salvation and new life in Christ. "Summer" books deal with growing and bearing fruit as Christians. "Autumn" books address God's love in times of struggle and temptation. "Winter" books deal with grief, loss and God's comfort.

In the "Summer" book, Monkey Business, Austin and Brooke are learning about evolution in science class. They talk about what they learn with Gramps, who reminds them of the truth of the Bible.  The next day, they return home laughing about Austin's witty response to Mr. Davies. However, Gramps reminds them it would be a much better witness to Mr. Davies and their classmates if they studied the assigned material and were respectful, even as they hold fast to biblical truth.

The "Autumn" book, The Prize Cake deals with Tori's motivations and disappointments surrounding
a cake-baking contest. Her mom reminds her Christians should "Develop the gifts and skills God gave you to glorify Him," instead of making winning the most important thing. Tori also learns some important lessons about forgiveness from her mom and little brother.

Saying Farewell is the poignant story of twins Grace and Hannah, who enjoy each other despite their differences. When Grace is killed in a car accident, Hannah questions God's purposes. Her parents, instead of giving her pat answers, admit they are sad and don't understand, but reassure her with their trust in God's goodness.

The last page of each book walks children through the steps to become a Christian.

What I Like: These are beautiful 8" by 10" books. The bright watercolors and pastels have a painted look to them, and the children's faces are lifelike.

The books handle real-life issues with compassion and grace. The Bible is central to each story, but the authors weave biblical truth into each story in a seamless and natural way. Children will relate to the characters and their lives. My own children were drawn to the books and read them before I had a chance to look at them!

The CDs are well done, and my five-year-old loves having the chimes tell her when to turn the page. The stories are long enough to make it worth listening to the CD.

What I Dislike: I wish there were more diversity in the children shown.  They are adorable, but all white. Also, this isn't a dislike, but a caution. I couldn't get through reading Saying Farewell to myself without getting choked up, let alone reading it to my kids or listening to the CD.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 5 and up, but do preview the "Winter" books
Publisher Info: CBH Ministries, 2010-2012; ISBN: 978-0-9825120-6-7 (The Prize Cake); Paperback, 32 pages, $10.00

 All three books are available for purchase here, through Children's Bible Hour Ministries. 
OR Buy Saying Farewell at Amazon.com for $5.99 (Kindle Edition).
Buy The Prize Cake at Amazon for $5.99 (Kindle Edition)


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy what you guys are doing here, keep going!

Definitely have yourselves a new subbie.

God bless

Ticia said...

Oh, I know I couldn't handle "Saying Farewell." That would be way too hard, my boys are twins. I'd be bawling like a baby, but it sounds like a great book and very needed for certain times. We could have used it a few years ago when a favorite uncle died from cancer.