Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Baby Jesus

If you're looking for a cute, easy to understand version of the Christmas story for young children, Baby Jesus by Karen Williamson is a nice choice. Let's begin with the illustrations, since this is what initially draws in little ones. Chris Embleton-Hall offers characters with smiling, friendly faces. There is lots of color and lots of cuteness. Kids will also enjoy the "tabs" that stick out of every page. For example, on one page there is a charming owl, on another there is a rabbit, and on the last page, there is a star.

Add to this Williamson's simple text; it covers the basics of the story. An angel tells Mary she's going to have a "very special baby." An angel also tells Joseph, to whom Mary is engaged. They are married and go to Bethlehem "to be counted." There is no inn for them to stay in, but one inn keeper offers his stable. Soon Mary's baby is born. "We must call him Jesus - as the angel told me," Mary says as she lays him in the manger. An angel tells shepherds there is a "baby who will save the world" nearby; they kneel down before the baby. In the East, some wise men who study the stars notice an unusual one and say "that means a great is King is born." They go to Jerusalem and meet the King there, then go on to Bethlehem. When they give Jesus' their gifts while kneeling before him, Jesus is correctly shown as a toddler.

What I Like: There is lots of kid appeal in the "tab" pages and the illustrations and the text is straightforward and gives just the right amount of information for the younger crowd.

What I Dislike: Parents will need to explain just why Jesus was a "special baby" and "King."

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: Baby to preschool

Publishing Info: Candle Books; 2012; ISBN: 978-1859859346; board book, 12 pgs., $7.99.

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