Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Read and Share Bible

The Read and Share Bible contains 208 well loved Bible stories retold by Gwen Ellis just for children. Each story is very simply stated, but the important facts are there so that children can understand what they are reading. The stories are in chronological order, and have a lesson at the end to make children apply what they have read:

"One evening God came to visit Adam and Eve. But they were hiding. When God found them, He asked, "What have you done?" Adam told God everything. God was sad. Because they had disobeyed God, Adam and Eve had to leave the beautiful garden. When they were outside of the garden, Adam and Eve had to work very hard to grow food.

It makes God very sad when we disobey. It makes our parents sad too."

The illustrations rendered by Steve Smallman are very colorful and eye catching. There are generally two illustrations for each story.

What I Like: It makes this mama's heart glad when my children are hungering after God's Word. This Bible story book is in chronological order, and I encourage my daughter to read it that way. She likes to come to me and discuss what she has read, and if I need to go into more detail about the story, it is easy to do so with the handy Scripture references included with each story.

What I Dislike: The only thing that bothers me about this book are the big noses on the Biblical characters. It definitely catches a child's attention, but to me is unnecessary and a little clownish.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: 4-8, but I think that 3-6 year old children would benefit the most from this book.

Publisher Info: Tommy Nelson, 2007; ISBN:1400308534 ; Hardcover, 440 PGS., $16.99.

Buy it Now at Christianbook.com for $10.99.

OR Buy it at Amazon.com for $11.55.

Special Info: There are pictures of Jesus in this book.

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