Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Undercover Angels: Kayla's Big Move

Since her father’s death in a school shooting, twelve-year old Kayla’s life has been full of changes. First, she has to help her mom manage a single-parent household. Then she moves to a new home. Now she has to start a new school—private this time instead of public—and make new friends.

Despite her fears, Kayla soon meets two sets of students who welcome her to the school. One group is active in the church youth group, and shares a carefree banter Kayla enjoys. The other group seems popular and fun, but doesn’t always make choices Kayla feels comfortable with—like cheating on a test or toilet papering a teacher’s house. For various reasons, both groups appeal to Kayla. She must decide which direction she wants her life… and faith… to go.

Undercover Angels: Kayla’s Big Move, by Angela Dusenberry, is book one in the series. The characters are likable, and the challenges and choices Kayla faces are realistic.

What I Like: Kayla’s struggle to give in to peer-pressure seems genuine. I really enjoyed the character named Sara, who seemed like a faith-filled, caring person. She served as a great role model for Kayla (and readers). I think preteens would enjoy the book. It had enough drama to hold my interest.

What I Dislike: The twelve-year-old girls in the story look for and want boyfriends. As a parent, I don’t want to support dating-type relationships at such a young age. I was encouraged when at one point, Sara said (in reference to a boy), “We are all friends, and I think we should keep it that way.” But my cheer was short-lived by this addition from Kayla: “…she didn’t sound too convincing.” However, I suspect that some of these issues will clear up as the series continues and the characters mature in their faith.
Also, sometimes the dialogue/ scene descriptions were a little choppy for my liking.

Overall Rating: For me, it was in the good to very good range, but I suspect teens might rank it higher, so I'll go with very good.

Age Appeal: None is given, but I'd say ages 10-13.

Publisher Info: Ano Klesis Publishing, 2009; ISBN: 978-0978856403; Paperback, 112 pgs., $9.95.

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Great! Thanks for sharing. :)