Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Take a Trip on the Silver Ship

In this beautifully illustrated board book, Darrell Wiskur takes children on a journey under the ocean in their very own "silver ship" (or submersible vehicle). Each page of Take a Trip on the Silver Ship features a cut out hole as part of the ship, and the last page has a mirror on it; the result is that kids see themselves in the "window" of the ship.

They see sea lions and penguins under ice bergs, a mama and baby whale, squids and jellyfish, weird deep sea fish with glowing lights, and sea turtles, all through lovely blue-tinged illustrations. The text is written in rhyme and mentions God several times. For example:
"God made squid and jellyfish
Without any bones!
Deep in the ocean
They are at home.
Some are giant;
Some are small.
God made jellyfish
Squishiest of all."
The last page asks kids to praise God for all creation.

What I Like: As I've already mentioned, the illustrations are very pleasing and both my kids (ages 3 and 6) enjoyed the mirror. Both wanted the book read to them repeatedly. 
What I Dislike: Although the first two page spread mentioned the silver ship can take children on a journey - even a journey through time - I find it jarring that one page illustrates and discusses Plesiousaurs, a type of dinosaur believed to swim in the sea. Because the rest of the book highlights currently-living creatures, I had to stop and explain to my youngest that dinosaurs no longer live.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: According to the publisher, 3 and up, but I think many 2 year old would enjoy it, too.

Publishing Info: Master Books; 2002; ISBN: 978-0890513798 ; boardbook, 16 pgs., $6.99.
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