Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bible Story Search: Seek and You Shall Find

If you are looking for a book that will keep your child engaged for a long period of time, Bible Story Search: Seek and You Shall Find,written by Tracy Harrast will do just that. The stories featured in this book are: God Saves Noah and the Animals, God Brings Good from Evil (Joseph), God Helps the Little Guy (David and Goliath), God with Us (Jesus' Birth), Jesus Chooses Twelve Helpers, Jesus Feeds More Than 5,000, Jesus Rides Like a King, and Jesus' Last Supper.

Each story is told simply, with detailed illustrations by Steve Cox. On the sidebar, there is a list of hidden pictures to find, with a number of how many of each picture there are in the scene. A plastic magnifying glass is included with this book to help little sleuths see the pictures even better.

What I Like: I love so many things about this book, but my favorite thing is that the book is truly kid-friendly. Some look and find books have the lists of hidden items written, and my beginning reader needs to keep asking me what she is supposed to find. In this book, words, numbers, and illustrations are used. My daughter is able to truly peruse this book all by herself!

What I Dislike: Nothing!

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publisher Info: Concordia Pub House, 2011; ISBN:0758627289 ; Hardcover, 24 pgs., $14.99

 Buy it at for $11.69

Special Info: There are pictures of Jesus in this book. We have reviewed more books by this author.

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Bronwen Scott-Branagan said...

This sounds like a very useful book, especially for preschoolers and could be used at home, Sunday School or when homeschooling.