Monday, August 22, 2011

For You, My Child, I Prayed

Lisa Shoch shows the love and joy she feels for her child in her book, For You, My Child, I Prayed. She tells how she loved and cared about her child even before the baby was born, and illustrates how a parent (in this case a mother) never stops loving or caring about her child, no matter how old they get.

At each stage in the child’s life – before birth, right after the birth, through several stages of childhood, and on into adulthood when the child marries – the mother repeats the phrase, “For you, my child, I prayed.”

The author also illustrated the book with colored pencil sketches on every page.

What I Like: I like the idea for the book, that of showing our children how we love and care for them and pray for them everyday.

What I Dislike: However, the text is written in rhyme. Both the rhyme scheme and the rhythm is off in several places throughout the book making the text a bit jarring.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: No age group is given, but I would say 6-12 would be appropriate.

Publisher Info: Paisley and Polka Dot Press, 2011; ISBN: 9780615448220; Hardcover, $12.95.

Buy now at $12.95! 

Special Info: This book is written mainly for girls.

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