Monday, August 1, 2011

Devotions for Girls: God and Me 3

Devotions for Girls: God and Me 3 is another title in the "Devotions for Girls" series. This one, written by Lynn Klammer, specifically targets preschoolers ages 2-5.

The 106 devotions in this spiral-bound book are divided into four sections:
  • Growing in God's Word
  • Learning God's Way
  • Doing My Best for God
  • I Can Trust God
Each two-page lesson includes a purpose, Bible verse and a true story taken from the author's experiences with her children. These are followed by questions and space to write answers, then an activity. The activities range from crafts and drawing projects to simple puzzles.

What I Like:
I like the format. This book is a great tool for helping young girls build a habit of seeking God every day and applying biblical truths to their own lives. I also like how the vast inclusion of topics. It's more than just sharing and telling the truth. This book also broaches such topics as the Lord's Supper, what makes a healthy church, not using the Lord's name in vain and public service. These are just a few of the topics included here, but rarely introduced at such young ages. Of course, these advanced topics are not discussed exhaustively, but they do serve as wonderful discussion starters for parents.

What I Dislike:
Unless you have a very advanced preschooler, expect your child to need help with these. They're definitely not at a level for independent use. Not only are the reading sections written at a higher level (between first and second grade), but the font is small and each devotion requires the girls to write responses, a skill not common among this target age range. Even the activities, with few exceptions, cannot be done without adult guidance and supervision. I am all in favor of families doing devotions together, but this one is so specific for very young girls, it is not a good option for whole families, especially those with limited time and resources.

Overall Rating:

Age Appeal:
2-5 according to the publisher, but if you want it for independent use, I recommend 4-7.

Publisher Info:
Legacy Press, 2009; ISBN: 1584110910; Spiral-bound; 232 pages; $12.99

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