Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tiny Readers Zacchaeus

Tiny Readers Zacchaeus, by Juliet David, is a wee little board book about a wee little man. Instead of having a two-page spread, each page holds one or two lines of text and an image. The illustrations, done by Hannah Wood, are bright and kid-friendly. For example, the buildings of Jericho are purple in hue and comprised of simple geometric shapes with windows the only added detail. Each person has light-colored skin tones and pink circles on their cheeks.

What I Like: I like the sturdiness of board books. I appreciate that this particular one tells us “You can find out more about this story in your Bible in Luke 19:1-9.” For young kids, this book is a great introduction to a beloved Bible story. I’m happy that it is part of a series too, which includes stories about Jonah and Noah.

What I Dislike: Nothing really, but I will point out two very minor items. There is one page where I didn’t feel like the illustration accurately depicted the text. It said, “One day people heard that Jesus was visiting Jericho. They crowded the streets to see him.” Besides Jesus, there are only three other people in the picture. While it’s true that three is a crowd, I don’t think it works here. Also, three words seemed too old for the book: complained, perched, and astonished.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: The publisher lists ages 4-8, but to me, the book format and limited text make it better suited for a 2-5 age group.

Publisher Info: Candle Books, 2011; ISBN:978-1859858813; Boardbook, 18 PGS., $4.99

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