Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

When young Kerry and older sister Margaret are sent to their Aunt Jane's house just before Easter, Kerry is unhappy since her parents aren't with her. Her cousin Jack, however, has a special surprise for her when he takes her out on his boat: He shares The Legend of the Sand Dollar with her.

Using a coin-like sand dollar found on the beach, Jack tells Kerry the Easter story. An Easter lily is on one side of the sand dollar, and there are four nail holes, plus a fifth made by the spear, reminding everyone Jesus died for us. Jack breaks open the sand dollar and white "doves" flutter down: a promise of new life.

With this new hope, Kerry isn't as lost without her parents, and is more than eager to share the good news with sister Margaret.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar is written by Chris Auer with illustrations by Rick Johnson.

What I Like: This story is simple reminder of Christ and I think most kids can grasp it with ease. Plus, if you live near the ocean, it's possible you could collect a tangible reminder your kids could have with them at all times and remind them of the story (and the poem it's based on, which is shared on the last page).

I also love the illustrations by Mr. Johnson. Several are worthy as works of art themselves!

What I Dislike: This is fairly minor, but the reason why Kerry's parents aren't with her and her sister is never explained. I wish it was.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: 4 - 8

Publisher Info: Zonderkidz; 2005; ISBN: 978-0-310-70780-3; Hardback, 32 PGS., $16.99

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