Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bailey's Peoria Problem

Bailey's Peoria Problem is a unique and entertaining mystery in Barbour Publishing's upbeat Camp Club Girls series.

When Alexis joins Bailey on her uncle's sheep farm, she learns more than how to shear sheep. She and Bailey stumble upon sheep marked with puzzling clues, and they can't resist trying to solve the mystery. Bailey's cousin, Brian, is happy to help, and the other Camp Club Girls help them research a missing millionaire. Alexis and Bailey bravely explore a run-down, abandoned ranch, but the girls are soon in over their heads. The girls want to solve the mystery on their own, but when three of Uncle Nathan's sheep are stolen, they have to tell police what they know.

Soon, the missing millionaire is discovered, thugs are arrested, and Alexis and Bailey can focus on the upcoming sheep-shearing contest.

What I Like: The mystery in this Camp Club Girls episode is very interesting, and full of twists. I enjoyed being surprised.

I also love Linda McQuinn Carlblom's characterization of Bailey. She is the youngest Camp Club Girl, and is sweet and consistently encourages Alexis. However, she is tough enough to wrestle sheep and shear them. Bailey also makes the tough decision to tell her uncle about the mystery, even though they haven't solved it yet.

What I Dislike: I do wish kids in books would tell their parents or trusted adults about things that are going on. Many times, in adolescent literature, the protagonists find themselves in dangerous situations, but choose not to tell anyone about it. I suppose there wouldn't be much of a story if they told right away, but in real life, I'd rather have them be safe than sorry.

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: 8-12

Publisher Info: Barbour Publishing, 2010; ISBN: 978-1-60260-272-4; Paperback, 157 pages, $5.99

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Tarissa said...

I like reading kids' mystery books, and I also love sheep. This story sounds perfect!

~ Tarissa