Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eleanor the Hippo Learns to Tell the Truth

Do you want a fresh and fun way to teach your kids about truthfulness and the power of words? Pick up a copy of Andy McGuire’s book Eleanor the Hippo Learns to Tell the Truth. This newest release from the Little Lessons from Our Animal Pal Series has a lot to offer. First, the story is told in a rollicking, musical rhyme that is sure to appeal to readers of all ages. Second, the illustrations (also done by McGuire) are beautifully crafted. And finally, even though the story has many amusing elements and aesthetically appealing aspects, it holds a poignant truth that will not be lost on the audience.

The storyline is simple: Eleanor the Hippo is a gossip. She either exaggerates or flat out makes things up, and then spreads these lies to anyone who will listen. The reader is shown how Eleanor uses her words to make herself look better…but how devastatingly hurtful her rumors can be to others. (She thought that she was having fun/ But lies can often hurt someone…) In the end, Eleanor learns a lesson (the hard way) about the value of truth and integrity.

What I Like: The book is gorgeous looking and the story well-told. I have little tolerance for poorly-written verse, but this tale sings. As a mother, I view it as a perfect tool to talk about honesty with my child since it provides a non-threatening venue for discussion.

What I Dislike: Nothing, except I would have appreciated it if the author had listed some Scripture verses that tied in with the moral of the story.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: Ages 3-8

Publisher Info: Harvest House, 2011; ISBN:9780736926652; Hardcover, PGS., $12.99.

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