Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bible Birds and Beasties

With an angle toward animals, author Leena Lane artfully retells popular Bible stories in Bible Birds and Beasties. Commonly thought of stories such as Noah and the Ark and Balaam's donkey are included, as are less common stories involving animals, such as the ravens that brought Elijah food in 1 Kings 17. The people and animals of the Bible are colorfully and cartoonishly illustrated by T.S. Spookytooth.

By directing the focus of the stories toward the animals, the author shows a different side of the stories you don't see in other Bible story books. For instance, camels are the focus in the story about Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers from Genesis 37.

What I Like: The simple redirection from the people of the Bible to the birds and beasts makes this a fun way to retell well-known stories. The stories are engagingly told, making them interesting to young kids.

On the last page of the book, there is a list of where you can find each of the stories in the Bible.

What I Dislike: This is kind of nit picky of me, but I didn't like the fact at least three of the stories were broken into two parts. The tales of Balaam's donkey, Jonah and the big fish, and the shepherd's lost sheep could have been told as a whole, even if it means telling the stories over more than two pages. Having longer tales wouldn't be a drawback, especially since by breaking several of these stories up leads to an unfinished feeling.

While I do like the imagery associated with the stories, I did notice they are pixelated. From a distance, these wouldn't look half-bad, but up close, they take on a blocky look. Since you're not reading the book from far away, I found it a little distracting.

Overall Rating: I'm really torn on this rating because I really like the book. Given the fact of the broken stories, I'm going to rate this book as Good.

Age Appeal: 4 - 8.

Publisher Info: Concordia Publishing House, 2010; ISBN: 978-0-7586-1890-0; Paperback 45 PGS, $12.99

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Special Info: The face of Christ is shown in a couple of the stories.

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