Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amy Carmichael: Rescuing the Children

In Amy Carmichael: Rescuing the Children, kids learn how this big-hearted woman served others in India. Written by Renee Taft Meloche and illustrated by Bryan Pollard, this book charmingly describes how young Amy Carmichael came to care for the poor and hungry.

"Her name was Amy Carmichael
and she was having fun
enjoying tea and tiny cakes
so tasty on her tongue,
when through the tearoom windowpane
she noticed, in surprise,
a homeless girl was gazing in
with hollow, hungry eyes."

After this inciting incident, Amy makes a vow to help people like this girl when she grows up. In her home in Ireland, she invites the poor into church, despite what members of the church think. She eventually builds a larger church to house everyone.

Then God takes Amy abroad: Japan, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), and finally India, sharing the Gospel. In India, she becomes so well known, orphans break out of Hindu temples to find her. Amy welcomed every one.

What I Like: Sharing someone's life story in rhyme is a unique. In my opinion, it makes it easy to follow. The illustrations did a good job of evoking images of Ms. Carmichael's life.

What I Dislike: There were a few spots where the rhyme didn't quite work. Also, there were several pages that focused exclusively on the orphans that found Amy, and while their stories are impressive and I would like to know more about them, I felt they took up too much of the story.

I would like to have a bibliography in the back where I could learn more about Ms. Carmichael, as well as see what sources were used for reference.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: 6 and up.

Publisher Info: YWAM Publishing, 2002; ISBN: 978-157658233-6; Hardback $8.99

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