Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amrach and the Paraclete

Amrach and the Paraclete gives readers a clear picture of who the Holy Spirit is and how he operates in our lives today. Pentecostal church superintendent John Glass writes in a manner reminiscent of Pilgrim's Progress but in a fantasy setting, with a Narnia-style lion as the Christ-figure.

In this powerful allegory, Amrach is a keeper of "the remnant legend," and secretly teaches others about the Lion. However, when the evil princes of Harag discover him teaching, they kill his wife, capture his children, and leave him for dead. When Amrach wakes up, he decides to seek an audience with the Lion. There, the Lion commissions Amrach to travel throughout the land and raise an army to fight against the princes of Harag.

Although Amrach has always served the Lion, he never knew the Paraclete was available to help him. As he travels, he learns to rely on the Paraclete for his every decision, instead of making decisions based on his own will or best guess. From time to time, Amrach forgets to consult him and suffers consequences, but he never loses sight of his service to the Lion. At the end, Amrach leads the army to victory and is reunited with his sons, and his resurrected wife.

What I Like: This is an engaging, fast-paced fantasy, but I like the reminder to pay attention to the Holy Spirit the best. I found myself realizing I often make decisions without asking for God's guidance, and I found myself wanting to pray more and listen better.

I also like the study section at the end. Glass includes many Scripture references for each chapter, with an invitation to "Look them up and see if you can discover the part of Amrach's story to which they refer."

What I Dislike: I thought Amrach got over the death of his wife rather quickly, but this is just a petty complaint. (Probably because I am a wife.)

Overall Rating: Very Good

Age Appeal: 8-12, but teens and adults would like it as well

Publisher Info: Authentic Lifestyle, 2004; ISBN: 1-85078-556-2; Paperback, 177 pages, $9.99

Buy it at Amazon.com for $9.99.

Special Info: There are a few subtle points that may seem specifically Pentecostal, but I think Christians of all belief systems can gain valuable insight into who the Holy Spirit is through this book.

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