Monday, September 6, 2010

Books We Wish Were in Print: Alpha Centauri

Robert Siegel's fantasy Alpha Centauri was one of my favorite books growing up. Seigel's heroine, Becky, and her faithful mare, Rebecca, travel back in time to a centaur settlement in Old England. The centaurs existence is threatened by Rock Movers, and they must trust Becky and Rebecca in order to survive.

Seigel's story is a unique tale of friendship, self-discovery and bravery. The allegorical elements relating to the Fall and the prophet Elijah are subtle but powerful. The settings are vividly described, and I love Kurt Mitchell's illustrations. Seigel uses beautiful word pictures and skillful prose to develop characters and plot equally. Each time I read Alpha Centuari, I still can't put down!

Age Appeal: 8 - Adult

Publisher Info: Cornerstone Books: Good News Publishers, 1980; ISBN: 0-89107-180-6; Hardcover, Out of Print

Buy it, used, at Amazon for $9.95 and up.

Special Note: This is the link to the 1980 version I have. There is also a version published in 1990 (also out of print).

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