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Delicious Bible Stories: No Cook Recipes that Teach

Delicious Bible Stories: No Cook Recipes that Teach by Daphna Flegal and LeeDell Stickler, allows children learn about food in Bible times. This book would be used as a resource for adults to help children to understand more about what they read in the Bible! This book is actually the guide for a presentation for children ages 5-12, the event lasting ninety minutes. If you want, you can also split this event up into five smaller events if you are presenting to younger children.

In the overview at the beginning of the book, the authors remind us how many references there are to food and meals in the Bible.

The book is set up in a very interesting way as a cooking show. It should be performed for a group of children. Hostess Rebekah Ray has five special guests which correspond to five stories in the Bible: Abraham and Sarah, Abigail and David, Queen Esther, The Wedding at Cana, and Caiaphas' Courtyard. The "special guests" must be in full costume of course!

You should definitely read the Bible Times Food Primer section before starting. It gives a great background to the foods in Bible times. There is a handy grocery list, and I was pleased to see that this event could be done for a reasonable amount of money. You'll find many of these ingredients in your pantry or spice cabinet!

Next is a section that will help you prepare for your event. The authors give three ways to approach it: one time event around tables, one time event in rows, and five sessions around tables. There is a detailed planning list starting one week before your event.

The remainder of the book is the script and recipes for each story. The first is told from the perspective of Sarah. The recipe is classic hummus. Story two is told from Abigail's perspective and the recipe is Abigail's Date Cakes. Story three is told from the perspective of Queen Esther, and the recipe is Yogurt Sesame Sauce over Hearts of Palm. The fourth story is told from the view of a bridesmaid at the wedding feast at Cana. The recipe is three flavored Cheese Spreads. The final guest is a servant girl from Caiaphas' courtyard. The recipe is Rooster Tabbouleh Salad with Mint.

What I Like: The idea alone of this book is intriguing! This is truly a great resource for a children's group at a church, co-op, or school. I could even see this presentation being done at a family night. Everything is laid out in detailed and understandable terms.

What I Dislike: This isn't really a dislike, but I wonder how tasty the children will find the recipes.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: This is a guide for adults, but the presentation is geared towards children ages 5-12.

Publisher Info: Abingdon Press, 2009; ISBN:1426700326; Spiralbound $11.00.

Buy it Now at Christianbook.com for $7.99.

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