Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bible Crafts 1: Costumes, Rings & Things, and Clay Pots

If you are looking for Bible Time costumes for your VBS program or for interesting crafts to enhance your regular Bible curriculum, you'll find good ideas in Bible Crafts 1: Costumes, Rings and Things, and Clay Pots.

This particular collection of craft projects opens with a "Getting Ready" page, which provides general tips and things to keep in mind when leading a group of children doing the craft. From there, it features Bible time clothing (a tunic, belts, headbands, sandals, and a money pouch), accessories (a ring, breastplate, armlets, bracelets, a necklace, and earrings), and clay pot ideas. Each activity comes with a list of materials, a recommended age group, an approximate time frame for craft completion, illustrated instructions, an interesting fact related to the craft, and an appropriate Bible verse.

What I Like: The book is well organized. The illustrations are colorful, cute, and very helpful in clarifying the directions. The fact that coincides with each activity makes the craft more meaningful. The related Bible verse is a delightful addition as well. I believe kids will enjoy the excellent quality of the finished products. These are not prepackaged, cut-and-color, throw-away activities. They require a little planning and effort, but are worth displaying upon completion. In addition, although the book is intended for children, I believe these crafts would be beneficial to adults and teens wanting to create inexpensive costumes for VBS or other church programs.

What I Dislike: Two cool -looking crafts shown on the cover--a tambourine and a stringed instrument--are not actually in the book. Also. many readers are not likely to have some of the materials (such as rope, cabbage, wool, or gold paint) on hand. Of course, this problem is easily remedied with a trip to the store. Finally, many of the projects call for extended preparation and might require extensive leader assistance to complete. For example, for the clay bead necklace, leaders (or kids) need to make several small clay beads (and leaders will need to make or buy the clay ahead of time), push them through a straw, and then dry them for several days before painting. (And this project was confusingly labeled as both a thirty minute activity and a two-day project.)

Overall Rating: Very good

Age Appeal: The projects range in age for kids 4-11 although, as mentioned above, adults and teens may find it a useful resource.

Publisher Info: Kregel Publications, 2006; ISBN: 978-0-8254-7308-1; Paperback $5.99
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