Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Very First Easter

My Very First Easter, by Juliet David, is another book in the Candle Bible for Toddlers collection. This board book is written for young ones who are just being introduced to the Easter story.

You'll find the same adorable illustrations by Helen Prole in this book as you will in the other books in this collection.

The book begins by showing how Jesus was a friend to people, healing them and preaching to them. You'll read about Jesus riding through Jerusalem on a donkey while people waved palm branches and hailed Him king.

The author then explains:
"One night Jesus ate a special supper with his friends.
After supper, Jesus took his friends to a garden. He prayed -- but they all fell asleep."

The story goes on to narrate the appearance of Jesus before Pilate, the death of Jesus on the cross, and his burial and resurrection, and appearance to the disciples.

What I Like: The illustrations are just the cutest!

What I Dislike: This book is very lean on content, and may need some supplementary information from a parent or teacher. I just filled in the gaps when reading it to my three year old. For example, the book explains that Jesus prays, but doesn't say why. It also doesn't say anything about why Jesus died on the cross or rose from the dead.

Overall Rating: Good

Age Appeal: 3-5, but I think younger children would benefit more from the book because of the low content level.

Publisher Info:Candle Books, 2010; ISBN: 0825474159; Boardbook $6.99.

Buy it Now at for $5.49.

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Special Info: Jesus is pictured in this book. We have other reviews of Juliet David books, including another Easter book.

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Cynthia Marcano said...

I love this book! My one year old was given this book as a gift from her Godparents and she loves it too. Its durable and the illustrations are adorable. I agree that the book is better suited for children who may not be inclined to ask a lot of why questions and just enjoy the book for what it is.