Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Real Magic of Santa Claus

The Real Magic of Santa Claus by Anthony N. Canamucio is a unique little chapbook, explaining the real story of St. Nick. Not only does the author tell a bit of the history of the man (who lived over 1,000 years ago), but he offers fun statistics about Santa (like how much milk he must drink if he gets a glass at every child's house) that make it clear to children Santa can't be real.

Or can he? The author gently explains how Santa Claus is real. After all, he points out, you would never know the name of St. Nicholas if he'd lived the life of a wealthy man, rather than living a Christ-like life by giving most of his wealth to the needy. And Santa, the author argues, lives in each one of us when we choose to make Christmas a little more special for each other. For example, Canamucio explains how his grandmother was too poor as a child to ever own a doll. So one Christmas, he found a doll that would have been new when his grandma was about five years old and gave it to her as a Christmas present. She remembered that Christmas as one of her fondest memories.

Now, the author says, he loves playing Santa for his children. After he reads them the biblical story of Christmas, he loves putting together toys, then eating the cookies and drinking the milk his children have set out for Santa.
"I feel like Santa Claus because I am Santa Claus! When you help to make someone's life magical, you will believe in Santa Claus stronger than you ever did when you thought he was just a guy in a red suit. It is real, and one day you will understand that living on in the hearts of millions for over a thousand years is much more spectacular than flying reindeer."
Throughout, colorful cartoonish illustrations offer interest.

What I Like: This book is written like a loving father explaining the situation to his children. The author is ever gentle, careful not to trod on any child's imaginings of Santa. Even if you've allowed your child to think Santa is real, this book offers a gentle way to break the truth to him or her. In fact, your child may feel honored, rather than disappointed, since the author emphasizes that kids reading the book are now big enough to carry on the Santa tradition. And if you've always taught your children that Santa Claus is make believe, this book offers a unique way to teach them about the joy of being Santa-like.

What I Dislike: For such a short book (24 pages), the price is high. I also found a typo.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: The author refers to children as old as five believing in the Santa who flies reindeer, but the book works for kids four and up.

Publishing Info: CreateSpace, 2009; ISBN: 978-1449538361; paperback, $10.99

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Sarah said...

I would like to use this book to help my kids realize why other people choose to teach their kids that there is a Santa. They have told a few friends and I am trying to teach them not to. :) thanks for the review!