Monday, November 23, 2009

The Star of Christmas

Everyone wants to be the star of the show, as author Maria T. DiVencenzo shows us in The Star of Christmas.

When a young girl falls asleep in front of the Christmas tree she dreams the ornaments come to life. All of them want to be the “star of Christmas.” China Doll is beautiful, full of sparkle and shine. That should make her the star. Gift Box is nice to look at and has a surprise inside. He thinks that’s enough to make him the star of Christmas. Jolly Old Elf gives Christmas its magic and Silver Bell brings music. All of these, and more, want to be the star of Christmas.

As each makes his/her case, the girl agrees they are special, but she is interrupted each time she tries to explain who the “real” star of Christmas is. Finally, Crystal Angel gets everyone’s attention and instructs the girl to tell them about the “real star” of Christmas. The girl kneels down in front of the manger ornament. She cradles it lovingly in her hands and whispers, “It’s the child.”

The delicate, life-life illustrations, by Elaine S. Verstraete, are full of detail and add much to the text.

What I Like: Everything. The writing is descriptive and poetic and the illustrations are truly delightful. This is a beautiful Christmas book.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: The publisher doesn’t recommend an age group, but I would say 5-9.

Publisher Info:
Winterlake Press, 2009: ISBN: 0981600301; Hardcover, $16.99.

Buy now at ChristianBook $13.99!

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Pete Janzow said...

The Star of Christmas is also available directly from the Winterlake Press website, where buyers can request that their copy be signed by the author. The site offers free shipping through mid-December 2009.

You can also find The Star of Christmas on Facebook.