Monday, October 5, 2009

I'll Always Love My Thumbuddy

I'll Always Love My Thumbuddy , by Mark Arens, is the fifth book in the Thumbuddy children's book series. A mother's unconditional love for her child is stressed in this book.

The story opens as a mom is holding her little one in her arms. She is telling him,

"I'll always love my Thumbuddy,
However old you are;
I'll love you when you're ninety-three,
And as my little star."

You'll read about how this mother loves her child unceasingly, even when he is being bratty and mischievous. She loves him through illness, sadness and disappointment, and she loves him even when he grows up and isn't always as kind as he should be. In this story, the mother grows old and has never ceased to love and pray for her child.

"I'll always love my Thumbuddy,
It's my promise I make to you;
Forever and ever, eternally,
I'll always have love for you."

In this book you will find the "Thumbpeople" that are depicted in all of the books.

Don't forget to have your child search for the blue butterfly that is fluttering on each page spread!

What I Like: This is a true indication of how a mother unconditionally loves her child. It is told completely from the perspective of the mother, so is a good tool for moms to use. I like how the child becomes a protector, leader and supporter by the end of the story. This type of role reversal truly does occur with adult parents and their children.

What I Dislike: The story is told both through the illustrations and the text. A preschooler may not grasp the depth of this story. Also, when reading the book, you won't find any direct reference to God's grace or forgiveness. The books are designed to be acceptable to non-Christians as well, so keep that in mind.

Overall Rating: Very good

Age Appeal: Preschool through primary.

Publisher Info: Thumbpeople,Inc.,2008;ISBN:0980160669; Hardcover, $14.95.

Buy it at for $14.95.

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