Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bible Heroes I Can Be

Bible Heroes I Can Be by Ann Eisenberg takes a unique approach to introducing young children to famous biblical people. Each two page spread in this board book features a well known Old Testament person and a one-sentence explanation of something he or she is famous for. Another sentence, along with a smaller picture, illustrates a modern-day child doing something similar.

For example, the first page reads: "Noah built an ark. I can build lots of things." The large picture shows a biblical-era man building a huge boat, while the smaller picture shows a toddler or preschool-age girl making a sandcastle.

Other pages discuss welcoming guests like Abraham and Sarah, being kind to animals like Rebeccah (who watered the camels), having colorful clothes like Joseph, helping with the baby like Miriam, making (building block) walls tumble like Joshua, playing beautiful music like David, et cetera.

What I Like: This is a simple and easy way to talk to babies, toddlers, and perhaps preschoolers about people in the Bible and virtues we can learn from them. The illustrations by Rosalyn Schanzer are bold and equally strong while showing Bible times and modern times. (The cover illustration really doesn't do her work justice.)

What I Dislike: Although the book says "Joshua made the walls fall down," God really did this. But I just used this as an opportunity to discuss the point for my daughter. In addition, there is no mention of achieving virtues through the help and grace of Jesus Christ. (This book comes from a publisher of books for Jewish children.)

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: 1 - 4.

Publishing Info: Kar-Ben, 2004; ISBN: 978-1-58013-124-7; board book, $6.95

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