Monday, August 10, 2009

God Made Them All

God Made Them All, written in rhyme by Melody Carlson, and illustrated by Yvette Banek, talks about how all animals are special because God made them. Young children will thoroughly enjoy reading about and the many animals featured: from cows and sheep, to cheetahs and lions, birds and possums, polar bears and penguins, and many more!
The colorful illustrations show scenes from a farm, the African savannah, the desert, the forest, under the sea, the Arctic lands, and the sky and ground.
"By now you've met some animals --
Some big ones and some small.
But each one of them is special,
For God has made them all."
What I Like: There is a lot to see in this board book. The animals are very colorful and friendly looking. The concept that God created special animals is simple for a young child to grasp.
What I Dislike: Nothing
Overall Rating: Excellent
Age Appeal: Ages 1-4
Publisher Info: Crossway, 2000; ISBN:1581341598 ; Board Book $9.99
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