Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Elise's Adventure on Noah's Ark

Elise’s Adventure on Noah’s Ark is a book that takes the main character back to Bible times for a first-hand look at Noah’s Ark. In this case, the main character is Elise and she gets to share the adventure of building the ark and being on the ark with Noah, his family, and all the animals.

This is a different type of book than what you are probably used to. The publisher,, offers three different book titles, all of which are personalized with your child’s name and photo, making your child part of the story.

The illustrations are colorful drawings, like many other picture books, but they also include a photo of your child on each page. The photo is pasted into the drawing in an appropriate spot on the page.

What I Like: I like the idea of a personalized book, especially one that is related to Biblical subject matter, as this can make a child feel really special.

What I Dislike: The same photo is incorporated into each page. While this is nice for the child, as he/she can see himself on each page, it is rather monotonous to have the same photo superimposed onto each page. I think it would have been better if the personalized illustration had been a drawing of the child, made from a photo, that matches the other illustrations in the book. That way, the drawing could be changed to reflect different poses, but the photo could be used to achieve a life-like resemblance to the actual child.

Also, the story is written in verse, and the rhyme and rhythm are off in several places throughout the text.

Overall Rating: Good.

Age Appeal: The publisher doesn’t list an age group, but I would say the age group would be 3-8-year-olds.

Publisher Info: YourPictureBook; Hardcover: $34.95.

Special Info: The publisher offers three different titles; the one about Noah’s Ark is the only one with a Christian theme. All books are available in a paperback edition for $26.95. You can also order a coloring book for $9.95, but you can’t get a coloring book unless you purchase either a hardcover or paperback edition of the book.

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