Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Creation Song

Creation Song is the debut children's book by Anna Scott-Brown. This book depicts God's act of creation as more than just spoken words, but rather a dance and a song poured forth from love.
At the beginning of the story, God is all alone. He imagines a world filled with friendship and laughter, love and beautiful creatures. God starts to sing. His song picks up the corners of nothing and folds it into a ball. God breathes on it sending the sphere to its location within the universe. Then God begins to dance. His steps result in pricks of light which join together to make the sun. The sun runs to the waters, created by God's tears of joy, and sees reflected in it the moon. The tears of God water the earth. When the earth laughs, plants and colors fill its surface. The laughter and song continue until all the earth is filled with beautiful creatures. When God begins to sing again, man and woman are the result. When creation is done...
"... at the centre was God with the two beings he had made in his own likeness. They combined within themselves all the music of his soul and all the love of his heart and all the joy of creation. All creation danced with him."
The stylistic illustrations by Elena Gomez fill the pages with color. They're imaginative and bold. The faces of Adam and Eve are quite realistic.
What I Like: It's beautiful! Poetic in its description, it reminds me of African fables. While it's not biblically accurate, it does encourage kids to imagine the wonder of creation. It takes them to a new level of understand how nothing became everything because of God's design and love. The illustrations are wonderful! My kids really like the pictures of the animals.
What I Dislike: It's not biblically accurate. Also, it took a few readings before my kids liked this book. They were bored by the beginning because the pictures show what the story describes: nothing.
Overall Rating: Very Good. (If I were not judging it as a "Christian" book, I would definitely give it an Excellent rating. Because this site is dedicated to teaching our children biblical truths through literature, the artistic liberties taken require me to rate it lower.)
Age Appeal: 4-8
Publisher Info: Lion Hudson, 2007; ISBN: 0745960499; Hardback; $12.95
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reviews! I went looking for other Children's book reviews after my started some reviews of his own online and am thrilled with the content of your reviews. I love the evaluation both as a Christian book and for the book minus the biblical consideration. My kid's reading list has already grown extensively and I'm planning a blog with pointers to reviewers like you soon!