Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I See the World God Made

Filled with beautiful, clear photographs, Laura Ann Miller's I See the World God Made is a basic, sturdy book for introducing infants and toddlers to the idea that God made everything.
The layout is simple. Each two page spread features a photograph on one page, and corresponding text on the opposite page. For example, the opening page reads: "I see the world God made! God made the sky." And the opposite page features a full page photo of a blue sky with white clouds. Every other page also features a Bible verse that corresponds with the topic. We learn that God made rocks, trees, mountains, the ocean, and flowers, too. The last page of the book notes that God made "the whole world" and God made "you," too, and has a pocket frame so you can insert your child's photo.
What I Like: The photographs are clear and vivid, and the message is clear. I also love that this book introduces very young children to God's word.
What I Dislike: Nothing...although I would have preferred a slightly longer book.
Overall Rating: Excellent.
Age Appeal: Infant - toddler.
Publishing Info: Standard, 2007; ISBN: 0784720924; board book, $5.99.
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