Monday, April 21, 2008

God Must Really Love ... Numbers!

God Must Really Love ... Numbers! is one in a series by Rondi DeBoer. In sequential order, the author features the numbers one through ten and how God uses them in nature. For example: "God must really love 3 and 4. He created three long leaves for four fuzzy caterpillars." Each two page spread ends with "Good job, God! I love [numbers] too." The last page goes through all the numbers and all the items in quick succession. "A whole, wide wonderful world ... full of marvelous numbers!"
Steve Haskamp does a great job as illustrator, filling the pages with bold colors and friendly characters. Some pieces of the pictures, such as the butterflies wings, are covered in a light-catching, holographic foil.
What I Like: This is a great book for teaching kids counting. It maintains a solid focus on God while also having fun with pictures and numbers. My kids really like it.
What I Dislike: The last line on each page seems condescending; like a child praising his Father for learning something new. I would prefer to say "Thank you, God!" rather than "Good job."
Overall Rating: Good.
Age Appeal: 1-4
Publisher Info: Little Simon Inspirations, 2007; ISBN: 1416933565; Boardbook; $6.99
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Additional Info: Also available in this series: God Must Really Love ... Colors!, God Must Really Love ... Shapes! and God Must Really Love ... Opposites!

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