Friday, January 18, 2008

Flap-and-Tab Bible

The Flap-and-Tab Bible is Level 3 in the NLT Story Bible Series. Written by Betsy Todt Schmitt, this book contains 15 stories, each 10-15 sentences in length. The following are included:
  • Creation
  • Noah
  • Moses as a baby
  • Moses parting of the Red Sea
  • Battle of Jericho
  • David & Goliath
  • David & Jonathan
  • Jesus is born
  • Wise men bring gifts
  • Jesus welcomes children
  • Zacchaeus
  • Jesus calms the stormy sea
  • Feeding of 5000
  • Palm Sunday
  • Jesus' Resurrection

Biblical references and memory verses are provided with each story. The memory verses are seldom taken from the story’s text, but rather encourage a holistic view of the Bible. For example, the memory verse for Joshua’s story of Jericho is Romans 6:16 “Obey God.” As in this example, most of the memory verses encourage application.

The illustrations by Bob McMahon are colorful, cartoon-like and perfectly age appropriate. Incorporated into the illustrations are 25 lift-and-see flaps and 10 chapter tabs to help children find their favorite stories quickly.

What I Like: I like that this book gives more than one story for significant characters. Too often David is only paired with Goliath. Children rarely learn the rest of his story. I also like how the author separated Jesus' birth from the arrival of the wise men. Chronologically this is more accurate than showing them all together. My kids love the tabs and flaps.

What I Dislike: There is no incentive for lifting flaps. Most flap books challenge kids to find something specific behind the doors. This book doesn't do that. Also, with the exception of Adam and Eve, every character has the same skin tone: light with rosy cheeks. The illustrations are good, but I like to see more diversity.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: 3-4, but my 2-year-old also likes it.

Publisher Info: Standard Publishing, 2004; ISBN: 0784715963; Boardbook; $14.99

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Special Info: Jesus' face is pictured in the illustrations.
See our reviews of other books in this series. Levels 1-3 (ages 0-4) may be purchased as a boxed set through for $14.99!

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ajborda said...

I agree with your likes/dislikes; however, there was also no story about Jesus' death! How can there be a resurrection without death?