Friday, November 2, 2007

When God Made the Animals

When my two year old daughter saw When God Made the Animals sitting on my desk, she thought I was the meanest mommy in the world because I wouldn't read it to her. (Sorry, dear girl! This book is for a reader giveaway!) Like many young children, my daughter adores googly eyes books...and like most children, she also loves animals. So this neat little board book is right up her alley.

Each two page spread of this short, eight page board book features either sea creatures, birds, "big land animals," or a variety of animals with Adam and Eve. These are rendered in a vivid way by Warner McGee. Each spread also includes a four stanza rhyme, written by Jill Roman Lord. A Bible reference is included with each of these stanzas, but this is not a biblical account of how God created things. Instead, it's a simple reminder that God made all creatures. The last page reads:

"Creating was fun. But God still wasn't done.
He had one more thing up his sleeve.
He took dirt from the land and created a man,
then created a woman named Eve.

What I Like: All of Multnomah's googly eyes books have strong kid-appeal. The illustrations are eye-catching and interesting, the googly eyes irresistible, and the rhyming text very good.

What I Dislike: I wish all the googly eyes books by Multnomah were a bit longer, even though their shortness may appeal to restless readers. Also, for some reason, in this book Warner McGee's illustrations aren't as crisp as they are elsewhere. Still, none of this should keep you away from this fun book.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: According to the publisher, 2 - 5, but many younger (and slightly older) kids will enjoy it, too.

Publishing Info: Multnomah, 2006; ISBN: 1590527143; board book, $7.99.

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Mrs_Scotsman said...

The role that Christian children’s books play in my household is an inforcer of the principles we are teaching her and the ones she learns at church. We were fortunate to have quite a few Christian board books given to us so it was easy to read them to my dd even when she was an infant.

P.S. If we were to win this book tell your daughter that my daughter said it was okay if you read it to her first!

Michelle said...

In our home we read a lot of christian based books. Sometimes it seems it really sinks in and they understand more of what they hear from us when they see other children in books learning the same thing we are teaching them. We love to read good christian books I wish there were more sports related christian books out there.