Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Story of Creation

The Story of Creation by Patricia A. Pingry, with illustrations by Stacy Venturi-Pickett, is an excellent first look at who created the universe.
"Before there was anything, there was God," the author says. Then she details what God made on each of the seven days of creation: Light, sky, oceans and dry land and plants, the sun and moon, fish, birds, land animals, and humankind. Then, we learn, God looked around and called all he had made "good." God rested.
The author ends by emphasizing: "God made one more thing. God made you!"
What I Like: I really like that the illustrations, which are bold and bright, don't try to depict biblical times. Instead, the illustrator shows modern children appreciating God's creation. For example, when the author says God created man and woman, the illustrator shows a child going with his mother and father to the playground, and when the author mentions that God created land animals, we see children playing with cats and dogs. I think this makes it easier for young children to relate to what's being read to them...and it helps them to understand that what God created isn't just something from long ago. It still applies today.
I also appreciate that the author, while keeping her text simple, does more than merely list the basic categories of things God made. For example, when she says God made the plants, she writes: "He made kiwi fruit, persimmons, watermelon, rutabagas, bamboo, and every plant that grows."
This book is a terrific way to introduce the biblical idea of creation - and a great way to teach young children what God created on each of the seven days of creation.
What I Dislike: Nothing.
Overall Rating: Excellent.
Age Appeal: According to the publisher, 4 - 8, but younger children will enjoy this book, too.
Publishing Info: Candy Cane Press, 2003; ISBN: 0824965043; board book, $7.95.
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