Monday, October 15, 2007

His Mighty Warrior

Today's boys are fascinated by pirates. Best-selling author Sheri Rose Shepherd uses this to great advantage in His Mighty Warrior, a new sort of devotional, filled with 128 pages of "letters from God."

Boys will first be enticed by the 18th century-style map at the front and back of this book, and the imagination-inspiring illustrations of sailors on islands and tall ships by Lisa Marie Browning. Then they'll discover down-to-earth, kid-friendly "letters from God" on each two-page spread, accompanied by a related Bible verse and a simple prayer. For example, here's the first letter in the book:

"My Son,
I have chosen you to do something great for my kingdom. You are not just a boy - you are a child of the King and I am your Father in heaven. I want you to know that I am the same God who chose King David when he was just a little boy, and I have chosen you to show the world who I am. I will give you all you will ever need to conquer and accomplish the mission I have for you. Never forget who you are or who I am, and you will become a strong and mighty warrior for me.
Your King and Father in heaven"

Deut. 7:6 is then quoted, and a four sentence prayer follows.

Topics in this book include God's purpose for our lives, the importance of prayer, developing character, the power of promises, courage, being tender, the power of words, respecting rules, being your best, fighting the good fight, honoring others, dealing nobly with money, dealing with disappointment and anger, telling the truth, being a server, bragging and boasting, dealing with fear, failure, loving your enemies, giving revenge to the Lord, obeying parents, "when bad things happen," "death is not the end," and much more.

What I Like: This book is filled with loving, biblical advice, and the illustrations are ideal for adventure-loving boys. There is so much to learn here, and the presentation is terrific.

What I Dislike: Nothing.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: 4 - 8.

Publishing Info: Multnomah, 2007; ISBN: 160142034X; hard back, $14.99.

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Special Info: Shepherd also offers a similar book for girls called His Little Princess. You may also wish to visit the author's website.

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