Friday, September 21, 2007

Owen's Walk

Owen's Walk was written by Karen Hill, author of more than thirty children's books. (She also serves as administrative editor to best-selling author Max Lucado.) Carol Thomspon did a wonderful job as illustrator, filling the pages with color and whimsy.

After a busy morning and some fresh-baked bread, Owen prepares for a special adventure. On this day, he will journey from his grandmother's house to his own house all by himself. Mimi, as Owen calls his grandmother, tucks a harmonica, a belt, a small spade, a jar and a key all into a backpack. She adds a lunch, some breadcrumbs and a small book, which she says is "the most important of all." She takes the small leather book and reads it together with Owen. She explains: "The pictures in this book will remind you of a Bible verse you've learned. When you are unsure about your journey, pull out this book. The Book of Signs has the answers you'll need."

After a quick goodbye, Owen begins his journey home. At first everything is familiar, but it isn't long before he needs to reference The Book of Signs. Each page helps him find his way. He is reminded not to be afraid because God is always with him. He remembers God will help him and make him strong. The adventure is not easy, but with his verses to help him, and the tools Mimi packed, he makes it safely home.

The back of the book features two pull-out pages which show everything in Owen's pack along with the book of signs and corresponding verse. Inside is a map of his journey and Psalm 37:5 -- "Commit your way to the LORD; trust in Him."

What I Like: My kids love outdoor adventures! This book is perfect for them. Each time we read it, they want to pack their own adventure bags and head outside. I love that each step of Owen's journey points him (and readers!) back to Scripture. The special features at the back are a big hit with my kids, too. Maps are a big deal with this age group, thanks to Dora the Explorer.

What I Dislike: Nothing. It's a sweet story with a good underlying message.

Overall Rating: Excellent

Age Appeal: 3-6

Publisher Info: Tommy Nelson, 2006; ISBN: 1400306949; Hardback; $14.99

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