Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'd Be Your Hero

I'd Be Your Hero: A Royal Tale of Godly Character was written by Kathryn O'Brien and illustrated by Michael Garland. It is the boys' version of I'd Be Your Princess, winner of the Gold Medallion Award.

Similar to its counterpart, this book begins with a child's imagination. A young boy tells his mother: "If you were a queen, I'd be your hero." Together they imagine what the days would hold if they were royalty. They would explore kingdoms; enjoy jousting tournaments, big feasts and more. With each adventure, the mother encourages her son's imagination and reminds him of godly character traits. For example, when he says he will "stand guard in the tallest tower to ... make our castle secure," she affirms his strengths and declares "... because you are very brave." Her words are supported with Joshua 1:9 - "Do not be terrified ... for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

Scripture is quoted on nearly every page to reinforce the attributes of godliness. The virtues this book encourages include bravery, perseverance, skill, humility, wisdom, knowledge, strength, generosity and prayer.

The illustrations are full-page, saturated with color and sweet expressions.

What I Like: I love the gentle way the mother continually brings the conversation back to God and what He wants from us. It's a sweet guidance in training our children while letting their imaginations run wild. The plentiful Scriptural supports are fantastic, perfect for use as memory verses with young readers.

What I Dislike: I don't see little boys imagining these types of things. Instead of going to the marketplace or reading books in front of the fire, my son would rather be in a sword fight, chase a dragon or scale mountains. The book is sweet, but not near as good as I'd Be Your Princess. I think featuring more traditionally "heroic" activities (as the title suggests) would make the book better. Overall, it's a great book.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: 4-8

Publisher Info: Standard Publishing Company, 2005; ISBN: 0784715130; Hardback; $16.99
Also available as a Board Book (September 2007), pre-order for $6.99.

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