Thursday, July 5, 2007

Moses in the Bulrushes

Moses in the Bulrushes, retold by Heather Amery and illustrated by Norman Young, tells the classic Bible story of baby Moses being saved from death by the Egyptians.
The book is one in a series from Usborne Publishing called the Bible Tales Readers. Written for young children and early readers, the text on the pages is set up in two parts: A short sentence at the top of the page describes what’s on the page; a longer sentence, or two sentences, at the bottom of the page, explains the idea more fully.

For instance: The sentence at the top of the first page reads: “This is baby Moses.” The sentences at the bottom of the page read: “He is just three months old. He was born in Egypt a very long time ago.”

Delightful watercolor illustrations fill each page. The pictures are true-to-life in detail and historical accuracy.

What I Like: Pretty much everything.

What I Dislike: The story of Moses being rescued by the Egyptian Princess comes from the book of Exodus. This fact is not mentioned anywhere in the book, even though these are called Bible Tales Readers.

Overall Rating: Very good.

Age Appeal: Ages 4 and up.

Publisher Info: Usborne Publishing Ltd, 2003; ISBN: 0746054319; Paperback: $7.86.

Special Info: Other books in the series include: Jonah and the Whale, Easter Story, Daniel and the Lions, Christmas Story, and First Stories from the Bible.

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