Monday, July 9, 2007

Bible Animal Friends

Bible Animal Friends by Matt Mitter does a great job of combining basic biblical learning with fun stuff that young children love.

First, this is a book about animals (who happen to be found in the Bible). Second, the book employs a super kid-friendly device: huge googly eyes.

Each two page spread of this book features one animal (with googly eyes) and one story of how it was featured in the Bible. (Bible verses are also provided, so parents can answer questions that might come up.) We learn about the flies who were part of a plague on Egypt, Balaam's talking donkey, ravens that brought food to Elijah, ants from Proverbs, and the camels who brought the wise men to baby Jesus.

When my 23 month old saw this book, she went crazy; I couldn't keep it away from her. She found the googly eyes fascinating, and I had to let her use the book as a toy for an afternoon before she'd even let me read the book. When I did read the book, the content kept her interested beyond the novelty googly eyes.

What I Like: The entire concept is a good one. Little kids love animals. Little kids love googly eyes. Combine the two with some biblical truths and you have a great teaching tool. The illustrations by Warner McGee are also unique, colorful, and amusing without being inappropriate. I wish more Christian children's book were so well illustrated.

What I Dislike: Nothing. In fact, we (my daughter and I, that is) like this book so well, we wish it was a bit longer.

Overall Rating: Excellent.

Age Appeal: According to the publisher, 4 - 8, but kids as young as 1 year will enjoy it, too.

Publishing Info: Multnomah, 2007; ISBN: 1590529642; board book, $7.99.

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