Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Child's Top 10 Favorite Books

My son, who is 19 months old, is a very busy boy. Thankfully he is never too busy to sit and read books. He loves trucks and dogs and his favorite books reflect these themes. We read each of these books sometimes four times a day (or more). I am so grateful that he has a love of reading. Here are just a very few of his all time favorites.

I'm Jack! by Crystal Bowman. This is a rhyming book with wonderful illustrations. The book is a about a little boy who is thankful that God made him to move. He appreciates all the different ways that he can move and play throughout the day. I really enjoy the words and the theme and for right now my son's favorite part are the pictures.

Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman. This is a classic book which I'm sure most families have in their libraries. My son wants to read this book over and over again because he can say "Go, dog. Go!" This book teaches prepositions, colors, and verbs. And of course there are dogs on every page!

Jesus is Coming! (Easter Board Book) by Jesslyn De Boer. This is a small short board book that my son has been carrying around the house for days. Once again he loves looking at the pictures. The story is about getting excited that Jesus is coming to Jerusalem on a donkey. All the people wave palm branches and shout "Hosanna in the Highest!"

My Big Truck Book by Roger Priddy. This is for any rough and tough boy who absolutely loves trucks. It is a very large board book and the pages are simply collections of pictures of big trucks. We look at this book every single day at least five times a day.

The Little Golden Bible Storybook by S. Simeon. This is a recent favorite in our collection as we have started reading a story from it each day. My son carries this book around the house and looks at the pictures over and over again. It is a collection of favorite Bible stories, Old and New Testament. The pictures are colorful and the language is simple.

Red Tractor by Golden Books. This is a picture book with windows that let you see a glimpse of the next page. This book teaches colors.

All Fall Down by Helen Oxenbury. This is a very short board book with large illustrations. My son loves the pictures and thinks it's fun that it ends with "All fall down!"

Curly's Friends by Phil Roxbee Cox. This is a touch and feel book about Curly the pig. My son enjoys feeling Curly's tail, petting Daisy the cow, pulling Pippin the pony's tail, touching Rusty the dog's ears, and seeing his own reflection in a shiny bucket.

Pacifier Days by the Berenstains. This is a Berenstains Bears Baby board book. It's about a baby bear who loves her pacifier and doesn't want to give it up. In the end she says goodbye to her old friend the pacifier because she is growing up. We enjoy reading this because my son loves his pacifier too.

Jack It's a Sunny Day by Rebecca Elgar. This is a great pull-the-tab and lift-the-flap book about a dog named Jack (my son's name is Jack). He loves pulling the tabs and making Jack the dog move and he never tires of lifting the flaps to see what's underneath.

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