Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Little Book About God

My Little Book About God, with text by Jane Werner Watson, is a Little Golden Book classic. First published in 1956, the book has seen several revisions. The most popular edition is, like the current one, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. As the title suggests, the book is designed to teach small children the basics about God.

What I Like: The concept is a good one, and teaches Biblical principles such as "God is great," God "was there" at the world's creation, "God is good," God gives us everything, "God is love," and God is with us. The illustrations show beautiful children (Caucasian and black), beautifully drawn.

What I Dislike: The text is a bit wordy for many toddlers. There are also spots in the text that Christian parents may find objectionable. For example, the author writes: "Think of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Those peaks were crumbling away with age before the first people lived on earth." This does not fit with a literal view of biblical creation. Later, the author says: "When we're hurt or sorry or lonely or sad, if we think of God, He is with us there." But God isn't with us if we aren't feeling these things?

Overall Rating: Ho-Hum.

Age Appeal: 2 - 5

Publishing Info: Golden Books, 2002; ISBN 0307203123; board book; $4.99

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Special Info: Single parent families take note: This book mentions the "love of a mother's arms" and the "strong hug of our daddy's arms," while showing a child being hugged by her mother and another child being hugged by her father.

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