Monday, January 29, 2007

Little One's Bible Promises

Little One's Bible Promises is a delightful board book written by Stephen Elkins and offering basic Biblical principles every child should know. Each page features a concept, with corresponding Biblical passage. For example, the first page reads: "Genesis 1:27. You are a special and unique creation of God. You are created in God's image and He loves you." Other pages cover how God loves us; how we can pray to him at any time about anything and he will hear us; that we shouldn't be afraid because God will guard us; that God's son, Jesus, came so we could have eternal life; that we can sleep without fear because God never sleeps; that God will love us always, no matter what; and that "God is the best friend you will ever have."

What I Like: Good, solid Biblical principles, covered (mostly) in easy to understand language.

What I dislike: Some pages are a little complex for youngsters. For example, the book says that God always answers our prayers; in a child's mind, this could easily be misunderstood to mean that God always gives us what we ask for. Therefore, parents will need to talk with their children about this topic. While fodder for conversation isn't a bad thing, I would personally prefer that complex issues be broken down just a little bit more in this book. Also, the illustrations by Ellie Colton could be more colorful.

Overall Rating: Very Good.

Age Appeal: infant - 4.

Publishing Info: Broadman & Holman, 2003; ISBN 0805427562; board book; $9.99

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Special Info: This book comes with a CD of biblically inspired lullabies. The tunes are soft, mellow, and quite listenable.

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