Monday, December 10, 2012

John Stott: The Humble Leader

Do you want to encourage and inspire your teen with a compelling life story? Direct them to Julia Cameron’s biography for young adults, John Stott: The Humble Leader.

In a friendly and engaging storytelling manner, Cameron walks readers through the life of minister John Stott. It’s a remarkable tale. Stott already possesses many natural gifts in language, leadership, and organization. Then his well-to-do father provides him with a prestigious education at Cambridge University. While there, Stott becomes a Christian and thereafter devotes all his time and energy to cultivating his faith and the faith of others.

Here are some highlights from Stott’s life: He was the Curator then Rector at All Souls church; He shaped the direction of World Evangelical Fellowship; He was appointed a chaplain to the Queen of England; He founded the Evangelical Literature Trust, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and Langham Partnership International; He was included in TIME magazine’s list of 100 most influential people; He met and collaborated with Billy Graham; and he wrote over 50 books.

Facts aside, the real heart and soul of this biography centers around interesting stories of Stott’s everyday life, such as the time he lived with homeless people for a few days just so he could better understand their plight.

At the end of each chapter, Cameron provides short “fact files” or more in-depth snapshots into noteworthy events referenced in the chapter. At the end of the book, Cameron offers a timeline, thought-provoking questions, ideas for things to do, and suggestions for further reading.

Overall, the biography encourages young readers to aspire to the kind of faith and devotion exemplified by John Stott.

What I Like: I do not typically enjoy reading biographies. But… I really liked this book. It had a pleasant storytelling tone, was well organized, and challenging. It’s refreshing to see an ordinary man whose many accomplishments stemmed from a life of faithfulness, devotion, self-discipline, commitment, and humility.

What I Dislike: This didn’t bother me, but it may be something that causes the book to sound dated in a five years. In targeting a young audience, Cameron mentions today’s modern electronics, such as the iphone.

Overall Rating: Excellent as a resource/ school supplement book, Very Good as a simple pleasure read.

Age Appeal: None listed, but I'd wager ages 12+

Publisher Info: CF4K, 2012; ISBN:978-1845507879; Paperback and ebook, 160 pgs., $8.99.

Buy the ebook at for $5.75
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OR Buy the kindle version for $6.41.

Special Info: If you are interested in viewing some books written by John Stott, consider the following: Basic Christianity, The Radical Disciple: Some Neglected Aspects of Our Calling, The Message of Romans: God's Good News for the World, Through the Bible, Through the Year: Daily Reflections from Genesis to Revelation, and The Incomparable Christ. Of course, there are many, many other books available.

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